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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your store different from other clothing sites online?

Is this the same clothing offered by the school district's site?
*Apparel, Clothing, Accessories, AND Spirit Gear for all seasons and all occasions, all in one store
*STUDENT-run business, STUDENT-designed 
*ON TREND - We stand by our products and sport them ourselves in the halls and around the community.
*QUALITY items at a COMPETITIVE price
*Our customers keep coming back for more. 
      #1 MN DECA SBE in 2019 (DECA, Inc.)
      Gold-Certified SBE - 5 years (DECA, Inc.)

No. We are not affiliated with All-Stars Gear. This is a completely different business entity, and while we support business in general (we are in business and marketing classes), we think our stuff is better. Our customers agree too.
 Can we shop and purchase things online?Not at this time. We are working on it, though! Contact to make an appointment to shop (COVID protocol). Otherwise, come to the school during the day and someone can let you browse.
Is everything you carry in store featured online?
Not at this time. We are working on this too! We have too much inventory to put it all online. Check out our 'What's New' and 'Look Book' for a sneak preview of just a small portion of what we carry in store. Stop in to see more!
When do you have sales? Do you have any frequent buyer discounts?
We have 3 sales (Fall, Winter, Spring) and flash/pop-up sales (check social media and our website). We offer a frequent buyer card in store. We love our customers, and we want to thank you for coming again and again to support us.
 Who runs the store?Mounds View High School DECA Members